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WTF Who would do This!!!


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So sad .

Everyone knows everyone , over here .

The more time I spend here , the more I realize , this place is one giant soap opera .

With all the gossip , that goes on , I am sure people know , what / who did this !

Have no idea why someone would do something so stupid , so I sure hope he / they get caught .

Dissgusting !


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It truthfully is a shame to see this. Unexpected? No. I talked with a FWC friend and their seeing a major increase of illegal deer harvesting as well. All due majorly due to the increasing unemployment. Even the most honest person will break the law to put food on their table. IMHO it’s only going to increase as this pandemic continues. It’s a shame that our country has become like this! By the picture shown though, this was not the case as not all were not cleaned but mutilated. They should be punished to the fullest extent of the law

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