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Skinning Pompano

SCFD rtrd.

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It is quite uncommon to see pompano cooked without the skin. It is in fact very common to see them cooked whole with the head on.


When I was in the wholesale fish business many high in restaurants requested the fish split whole with the head on.


We actually would put the frozen fish on a band saw to split them.

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Pan fried?  Deep fried?  Hmmm kinda like fried-butter at the State Fair?  (as in, no thanks).

I would think Pomps are too delicate to deep fry, don't you think?  Pan fried skin on a Pomp has a nice crunchiness to it!

Then again, "to each their own" applies.  I baked a big chunk of Chilean Seabass last night at 425 for 25 minutes.  It was BUTTER!!

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Leave the skin on and try the Pompano in a bag recipe. The theory about the skin is that it retains the natural oil in the fish and maintains the flavor.


Broiled pompano is common and very expensive in a restaurant. It brings more per pound off the boat than most any other fish. When I was gill netting back in the day getting a good strike on them was like striking gold.


Just trying to help you get your card back!😉

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The classic way, ala New Orleans, is Pompano Papillote (sp) in parchment paper....

Very very simple:

place fish, meat side up...skin down..on olive oil.. add olive oil to the meat

Slice (julian-very thin), onions, carrots, celery,  sometimes fennel - place on top of meat

Make a paper dish and add some white wine

Add salt pepper to taste

seal the parchment into a bag - cook at 350 for 15-20 min until done.




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6 hours ago, smilemaker said:

how can you take a man card away for frying something.

Real men fry everything





you name it and with a little batter it can be fried

and yes even fish


I agree maybe the revoked man card is for saying something like “ slice julian- very thin” 🥵 . Cooking a fish over a open camp fire with a stick should help keep that man card . 

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