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Motor controls conduit


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I've see that stuff at West Marine and many hardware stores. You can buy the stuff that is split (the long way) and is really quick to install. You have to use zip-ties like someone did on your hydraulic steering tubes. But, if it were mine, I'd buy the solid stuff like the original and plan a whole day of work. 

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"I need to replace the plastic conduit for the motor controls"

      Its called Rigging Hose,  comes in 2"  and  2.5"   It is not split nor should it be.  You can find it in 4' lengths or longer. Boat shops that do rigging carry it if you want to get it local.  When I replaced mine I just disconnected everything from the motor removed the old, replaced with the new. The rigging hose screws or twist into the flange in the splash well. 

https://www.boatownerswarehouse.com/product_p/thmarine-rig-flange-hose.htm  or   https://www.westmarine.com/buy/sierra--outboard-rigging-hose-kit--13480967                             probably what you have in black

  https://www.hardin-marine.com/c-2260-rigging-hose.aspx    More high end.....

The smaller plastic cover you have covering your steering hoses is called Split Loom Tubing | Polyethylene LOOM. It is split and comes in many sizes. It is normally used to protect and organize wiring.  Example.....



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