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Trim Tab Rocker problem


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Oh the joys of owning a new boat. So now I’m having a problem with one of my trim tab rockers. When I press down on the starboard switch it doesn’t activate the tab unless I really press down on the rocker.
I replaced it with a different style rocker cover and it works fine so obviously this rocker cover is the problem I’m attaching a picture of it has anybody had a similar problem with these rocker covers not all the way depressing. And seems to be the one that they use on the Pathfinders I’ve never seen this one before



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had exact same issue on my boat when delivered... troubleshooting and found it was the switch on that side and found out accidentally that if the switch was up out of the panel it worked fine.   I happened to have an exact match spare so I just swapped it but all it is some abnormality in the rocker mech so it contacts the switch panel before it can complete the circuit.  Should be able to trim the backside of the rocker cover to allow more travel and get it to work 

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It was  the switch rocker......I did sand down the underside of the plastic rocker just a bit and now it’s activating the switch. The problem is the Carling Contura rocker has a deep edge. If you replace it with a flatter rocker it should work no problem  but you’re right....why not just use the Lenco switch  



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