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I cringe when the forecast includes gusts up to 20.  Yesterday no exception!  Bait is all over.  Surprisingly it's hard to see them after 10 am.  Pilchards , threads, mullet.  You want it it's out there.  I even saw bait at the ramp.  Loaded up with 3"-4" pilchards.  It was game on!  At dawn a particular pass was alive with mullet and huge tarpon and jacks on the chase. I wish I would have videotaped.  The mullet run is a sight to behold.

The  park and lower 10ks were on fire yesterday.  Reds, trout, flounder, snooks, snapper, jacks, mackeral.  I saw a few fishing the outer points, but I can't imagine that's even comfortable.  There was a southwest ground swell that never stopped.  I did nothing outside.  It was all middle and inner bays and passes.  Not a single artificial used...










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Last weekend was absolutely the best weekend , of the year .

There was so much life around .

We caught more fish than we knew what to do with .

We should keep this a secret though. 🙄 

Limited out in Black Drum and that was a special treat !

48 hrs until hopefully the repeat !

Nice report !





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