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October Fishing


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October has been a great month to get on the water with fish available any way you want to catch them.

Bait has been plentiful, easiest way is to net some on the lower tides. Look for mullet schools traveling along the bank or throw a net at creek drains on the last bit of the outgoing for shrimp.

In summary, bait flushing from the creeks (mainly shrimp) is driving everything.

Trout - Work along shell banks or oyster lined banks with moving current as they are stacked up looking for a free shrimp meal to come by. Make sure to focus casts on any current breaks or swirls. Popping corks with an artificial or live shrimp remain a good option as well as a jig head and paddle tail.

Redfish- The fish are fired up eating all they can. On lower tides they can be seen in small schools cruising the main river shoreline looking for small shrimp. Look for a push of nervous water moving against the current right up next to the bank on low tides on oyster lined shorelines. Additionally, creeks have been an excellent and reliable place to catch fish. Look for any lay downs on the outside deeper bends or under docks that hold water under them at low tide, throw in a bait on a Carolina rig and hold on. If you prefer to throw artificials its hard to beat a gulp shrimp on a jig head either drug or hopped on the bottom.

Fishing should only get better as the bait thins out and the fish stay hungry until we notice a larger drop in water temp.







I rarely get time to get the phone out for tailing pictures but this one was putting on a show right next to the boat, you can see the ripples of just how close the fish was, barely needed any more than leader out of the rod.




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