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Deck drain replacement on 2001 pathfinder


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Ok, so I have a 2001 Pathfinder and last weekend the bilge pump was turning on way to many time for my liking, after further inspection I realized that my deck drains had finally corroded away and water from the deck was leaking into the bilge(quickly!).  
I was able to remove the old hose and purchase a new thru hull drain and hose but for the live of me I cannot figure out a good was to secure the fitting into the hole.

there is no way , other than cutting an access hole, to secure the nut to the back of the fitting. 
any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

My current approach is to just 4200 the heck out of it but I have some reservations🤨

thanks in advance



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Here are pics of my "fix",Photos

To get the the backs of the drains I went thru holes in the top of the back deck where there were seat bases already (enlarged and covered with bigger bases.... I would think put some hatches in the back wall to get access.  The 2001 hoses from factory were crushed between the deck and the hull stringer and are were pretty poor quality to start with.  I couldn't find any SS with flat bottoms at the time so I just ground down one side and replace with much better hoses. 

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