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MA pie hole access replacement


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Yes th marine is the only place to get it.

No stores have in .

I got the 11x19

It fit perfect. Make a template first .

I made it out of cardboard and cit out the inner opening and rested it in the motor well to see how it fit and it was just tight.

Good luck. Let me know if u need any more help.

If you were closer to me i would come and help u out. I was worried at first also but its no problem

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yes i know it does but you can't find it anywhere. You have to call them and get it right from them.

Measure the opening first. Make a template and make sure the 11x19 will fit yours. It fit mine perfectly. I have a 2004 MA 17 ft.

If you need anymore help don't hesitate to ask.


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Yeah i ordered 3 of them, i have two friends who also have Master Anglers, so we are going to draw straws to see which boat we cut first,lol. I thought about the possibility of having to remove it one day, so i was leaning more towards a lower end silicone, thanks again.

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