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Avet Reels


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Son wants a new conv reel for Tarpon and Sharks. Interested in only Avet, no others (his money, his choice). What size do you fella suggest. SX, MLX, LX and so on. I’m really not up on the sizing of these reels. Do know you do not have to go as big as others. They also added star drags to their lineup of lever drags, star or lever. Thanks guys as usual. Going to spool with suffix 832 I think. May be going on a Penn Power Stick 7’ 40lb rod. Been happy with that rod for this use.

Off Topic, 

does anyone know why you can’t order tee’s and caps from MBG gear. States unavailable. Other sites also. ???

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I’ve fished way to many king tournaments and have never used this kind of reel. Only used Star Rods! During my “ off shore” fishing days, had and used both Diawa, Penn and Shimano reels. Both lever drag and star drag. Lever drags are great when your having to change the drag when the “ bigger” sharks make a run. Tarpon are more predictable then sharks in my opinion. Star drags are great when you initially set the drag but are slower when a quick drag adjustment is needed. Tagged a 11 ft Hammerhead after a 4 hour, 20 mile chase using a star drag for what it’s worth...David

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I have the SXJ series as well as the JX series. I personally use the SXJ for about everything, the JX we use primarily bottom fishing for grouper and snapper. The SXJ would be the better of the two for tarpon. Sharks are a complete different category of fish, give me an ole 6/0 Penn with a 3/1 gear ratio for targeting sharks.

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I personally do not understand the use of small Lever drags in this day and age.  I tried one myself quite some years ago... I found 2 issues.  

1- On 3 occasions while on the water the reel went from working fine to having virtually no drag all 3 times while fighting a fish.  Rendered the rig useless at that point, once back at home I took it apart and found water in between the drag and pressure disc.  The werent exposed to any spray while running nor from any other source... only thing I can think of is water got in from water on the line between the gap where the spool goes into the frame and worked its way into the drag.

2-  Never seemed to have the "right" amount of drag.  Understand the range of the drag you have (from set setting to full) to use while fighting a fish is limited to what the reel is set for ahead of time.  Set it to high you start losing freespool when set to "free" on the MX reel I was using I found to be able to cast Id have to set the drag at a precise setting and this did not give the reel enough drag when set to "strike" and didnt have enough drag (for my preference) when set to "full".  I did some testing and found when set that way there was only a 5lb adjustability of the drag between "set" and "full"

Id rec looking at hard at star drag reels instead.... all lever drag reels are susceptible to getting water into the drag whenever the reel is set to free because there is a gap between the pressure plate and drag surface.  Also most decent star drags are putting out more than enough drag and I find its easier to adjust the star drag than lever and you have infintie adjustability.  Form me this is a must... I like to set my drag relatively light for initial hookup and once Im fighting the fish I increase it incrementally once the fishes runs are over and I need to pressur eit to get it boat side.

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Did somebody ask about Avet reels? When we discovered Avet reels we sold our Penn Torques and Shimano Trinidads and TLDs. Couldn't belibve how those little light weight reels have such power. We downsized in tackle and love these small Avets. They work well with braid or mono. We have them on St Croix Mojo's

I'm gonna post a couple pics cause I can't help myself.




wife won  a ladies only tournement 2 years ago in islamorada with this Wahoo she got on her purple Avet (behind her) Mojo rod to left, gaff to right) 


 true story,  we caught this variety of fish on 2 Avets, you can see the purple Avet in the gunnel rod holder. We did use some Penn spinners on some of the dolphin when we got into them heavy and needed more lines in the water.




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