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Oh the wind 💨🤔 Awful. WX man said 20-30 knots occasional 35.  He was right. The low tide...why use the boat when you could walk around.  At 10am, water was about 4.5’ below an average high tide. Water was chocolate milk.  

No bait (pilchards). Hog leg mullet were around but not schooled.

A few bites using arties, but it was miss after miss. 

Truly an off day....




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1 hour ago, THE OUTLAW said:

Schewwwww !

I will be sound asleep then , but I will be lookin for ya .

Trying to go south , between Lostmans and Harney .

If we meet up ,yall can stop by the fish camp ,for a break , before you hit the road .


that's too far  a run for my skiff...I found lots of FEEEESSSSSHHHH within a few miles of Chokoloskee last weekend and the weekend before....



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18 hours ago, THE OUTLAW said:

Ya but runnin is half the fun .

@ 45 , you get there quickly .

I will be back about 5ish .


if you are still there  , more than welcome to take a shower , before you roll out !


thanks for the offer.....we'll be off the water at the end of the low around 3pm...

Catch'm up........

We'll be around the islands in front of Joe Kemp early....Look for the skiff with all the aluminum :)   some guy I know made lots of stuff for it :)




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