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Trolling Motor Issue


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Hoping someone can point me in the right direction. Perhaps I'm missing something obvious. I have a 24 volt Motorguide TM on my 2200V. Last time I used the boat the TM would not turn on. Completely dead when the handle is turned, no noise or movement from the prop.

It had been giving trouble turning on during my last couple trips, only turning on intermittently and sometimes the prop would move slightly when the handle is turned but not fully turn on. Almost like it was ticking. But once it started working it would be fine for the rest of the day.

Took the trolling motor to a Motorguide authorized repair center. Was told the TM is functioning 100% and nothing is wrong with it.

I have done the obvious things, checked breaker, fuses and used a volt meter to see if I am getting power at the receptacle the TM plugs into. I'm getting 24 volts at the bow. I replaced the female receptacle with a new Marinco plug because it had the slightest bit of corrosion. But the TM is still not working.

Any ideas?

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You could have 24 volts but low amps caused by bad wiring or bad connection at the battery or at the breaker. When they test your TM, they bi-p*** all your batteries, wiring and connections.

Any 12 volt appliance that will not work or works intermittent, then after repeated attempts, starts working is indicative of a bad connection. As you repeatedly turn the appliance on and off, the connection heats up and eventually makes a better connection and the required volts/amps starts to flow.

I know you said you checked some things, but it might be worth another look at the batteries, wiring and connections.

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i had so much trouble with plugs that i went to a br*** eye and bolt connection. cut the plug out of the line and wire it temp with wire nuts to see if it works. if you have 24v to motor and it still won't work, take it back to repair shop and have them show you it works.

Did exactly what you suggested, cut the plug out altogether and wired directly with wire nuts. Worked like a charm.

Apparently, the male plug on the TM was bad. I ***umed it was fine since it was on the motor when it was tested by the shop and I didn't see any corrosion.

Bought and installed a new male and female Marinco plug and I am back in business.

Thank you very much for your help.

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