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2008 Pathfinder TE Prop Question


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2008 Pathfinder 24 TE, no t-top, F300, OFX4 original pitch 20 repitched to 21.5/22P
Just repowered the boat and am playing with the prop. Boat stays pretty square up to 5K, and tops at 5750 RPM at 55mph. Feel like I should be able to get a little more. Anybody with some experience on this set up?
Half tank of fuel, calm conditions, fishing gear, 36v trolling motor, 4 yr old daughter
4050Rpm 40.1Mph 3.3mpg
4500rpm 45 mph 2.82mpg
4950rpm 49.2mph 2.4mpg
5500rpm 54.2mph 2.07mpg
5750rpm 55.4mph 2.05mpg

Thanks for any info

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I don’t have a 24TE/300, but I do have a 22TE/250, same year, OFX4-21. As long as your “hole shot” is to your liking, I’d say those numbers look very good.

I did own a large prop shop for many years, and love the PowerTech props. Repitching them however, is hit and miss. Their geometry is pretty sophisticated, and they do not supply complete profiles, including thicknesses to shops. (Few manufacturers do!!). A 2” pitch change on a OFX is a lot! I believe that should you buy a new 22P from them, it would be very different plus or minus. If you haven’t done so already, call Marcus at PowerTech, tell him what you did, who repitched it, give them your numbers, and follow their advice to get “a little more”.

Just my opinion!

Good luck!

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