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2008 24' TE w/ 300 Yammy UPDATED TEST 7/5/21


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2008 Pathfinder 24 TE, no t-top, F300, OFX4 original pitch 20 repitched to 21.5/22P
Just repowered the boat and am playing with the prop. Boat stays pretty square up to 5K, and tops at 5750 RPM at 55mph. Feel like I should be able to get a little more. Anybody with some experience on this set up?
Half tank of fuel, calm conditions, fishing gear, 36v trolling motor, 4 yr old daughter
4050Rpm 40.1Mph 3.3mpg
4500rpm 45 mph 2.82mpg
4950rpm 49.2mph 2.4mpg
5500rpm 54.2mph 2.07mpg
5750rpm 55.4mph 2.05mpg

Thanks for any info

Did some more testing with various props, probably 7 total props but these were the best three. I would still like to get my hands on a stock OFX4 in 21p as I think it would still out MPH the other two but allow my max rpms to be a little higher as I has to work to get to 5700/5750 with the reworked prop. The Tempest is a very impressive prop, Im very happy with it, I can not get it to break lose in turns or cavitate, it feels like a 4 blade and keeps the wheel extremely light even at WOT. The OFX4 gets very sticky on the wheel once over 5500 RPMs and takes a good bit to turn.


Pathfinder 24TE with F300 Yamaha                            
Full Tank 80 gallons, one person, 4 AGM batteries, 36v trolling motor, equipment, tackle boxes and fishing set ups in rod lockers.                            
RPM                                            3500    4000    4500    5000    5500          Max
Tempest Plus 21p                      31        36         42         47        53              5850/56.5
Tempest MPG                            4.22     3.47      2.89      2.69     2.35           2.12
Bravo 1 FS 22p                         28.2      35         41.8       47       52.3            5950/55.7
Bravo MPG                                4.16       3.45      3.03     2.69    2.38            2.06
OFX4 20p reworked to 21.5p   33.3     39         45         49.2    54.8            5700/56
OFX4 MPG                                 4.09     3.25      2.85      2.35    2.00    

OFX4 21P                                   35.8     41.4      46.7       51        55               5800/57.5

OFX4 MPG                                  4.07     3.34     2.67       2.48     2.27           2.14

Finally got my hands on a stock OFX4 in 21p. The numbers are phenomenal and are what I expected after the repower. Fuel numbers are tad down compared to the Merc props in same RPM ranges but speed to speed MPG is much better. Merc props did not like any jackplate but this one likes 3 inches or so over 5K rpm. After the test runs we went fishing with 4 people and gear and the 4 blade held the performance very well and stayed above square on MPH/RPM.

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  • Dxb6339 changed the title to 2008 24' TE w/ 300 Yammy UPDATED TEST 7/5/21

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