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2300 HPS console


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So getting ready to order a 2300HPS and see there are 2 different consoles in the pictures of various years. I like that they moved the steering more to the port but then they put the switches up top and take up screen size real estate. The screens are getting bigger and wondering if the steering wheel move is more important than screen size real estate?



Also anyone use the bass seat option and can tell me what base is used or what company has them?

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I have the console with the switches lower and steering centered. I would definitely opt for the steering on the port side and switches taking up screen space. It's not super comfortable to have two people using the leaning post while someone is driving and the switches on the switchboard down low go bad frequently. The circle switches should hold up better. 

In your second picture they have what looks like a 12". I can't imagine being really upset about not fitting a bigger one.

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They changed to the console ‘most like’ the second pic. on the 2018 and forward 23 HPS. Cup holders, port side wheel, etc. I don’t think my tab switch’s are up there though.... more above the key switch. The older console was a deal breaker for me for 6 years. Sad but true!

Here’s a picture of my 2018, I just found. I know it’s not the slim and sleek panel, but it’s probably a pretty close to what they have now. I think the new switch plates are aluminum and may not be backlit, Skip can confirm. 


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