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I want to publicly apologize to Outlaw. My comment was NOT about his shop. Here, we only have 1 shop that deals with T Tops as well as other marine items. I’ve seen pics of outlaws work as well as recommendations from other members so I know he does good work. Again outlaw, I apologize.....David

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Just now, Coto said:

Ralph is a good guy and I'm sure he did not take any offense to what you said David. 

Agreed, he is a good guy and just a simple misunderstanding.

With regards to "the Lady in front office", she does her job and does it well! And I posted it before on here and I will post it again, the buck stops with her! She is actually pretty cool when you spend time with her running around the shop(s) looking for Ralph! That's a whole other story (posted on here somewhere) I won't get into though!:)

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Thank you for the Link!  We ( including the salesman) were only aware of the one. I will definitely be talking with them! I don’t mind paying a fair price as I know this is something I will be using.....David

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