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Capt. Troy


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8 hours ago, Capt. Troy said:

Dead meat buddy.


Friday was tough. I had to catch one myself



I let my buddy hold this one up. The thing almost jumped. Wildest gag fight ever for me


You have awakened the sleeping giant.


Good job and those are some nice fish!

Dear Sleeping Giant,

Thank you very much for inspiring me to get back out there before the closure because I truly wasn’t sure I’d be able to manage another trip. In fact, in the past 15 years of fishing these gags this was the first time we couldn’t find bait so had to stop at that floating bait shop across from O’Neiis to get our pinfish and at a steep price. So I wasn’t sure I’d be able to keep the fun going with these creative post titles until we actually finally secured some big pins and dropped them down. Luckily, our first three baits down all got crushed and we had three of our four limit fish within about 10 minutes. 


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It took me 3 hours to hook and line pin fish on Thursday. Water temp at 60. The water in 20 to 30 feet was pea green dirty and 60 degrees out there. Huge drop in water temp. It was 74 last week.  The bite was very slow but the fish were all nice ones.


Got checked yesterday at the marina by FWC. Some A hole called and said I was over limit. We decided to not finish cleaning the boat and the fish until yesterday as Friday we got in late. My buddies had not shown up and I was alone with 10 gags in the fish box.🤔


Luckily the officer was a buddy of mine and I explained the crew would be there shortly. With a grin he said he may have to seize the fish for evidence.


While we were talking another guy walks up to the cleaning table and starts cleaning some fish. One of his gags was 22 inches. Expensive grouper!

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