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Plastic thru hull fitting -2200v

SW Skif

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A little late on the response, but I just got done replacing this livewell drain on my 2001 PF 1900V. It was 1.5" and I went with a bronze through hull from Groco. I didn't like the fact that there was no valve to shut off in case of a hose failure, so I added a Groco flanged seacock as well. Installed it using one of Groco's backing plates. As Fin alluded to, the job was not any fun especially since I was working through the splashwell pie hole. But after some scrapes and bruises, I got it done and I feel a lot better with a bronze pipe and the seacock.

I got everything from either Defender or Wholesale Marine online. The parts were:

Groco 1.5" bronze Flanged Seacock

Groco Backing Plate

Groco 1.5" bronze through hull

Groco 1.5" bronze 90 to connect the hose

Trident 148 hose

There are some good online tutorials on installing the seacock and the guys at Groco are very helpful via phone. Here is one of the online guides I found helpful: https://www.pbase.com/mainecruising/replacing_thruhulls .

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