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New livewell ?


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2021 livewell question.  I feel stupid for asking but it's a little different than I'm use to having.  So on my dash, the switch is a two way switch.  One I assume is for filling the well up and the other is to run the pump.  In the live well, there is a flow control lever as well.  I used it for the first time last weekend.  I actually left the fill switch on too long and when I checked, the water was up to the lid.  lol  I then switched the pump on for the rest of the trip which lowered back down to the top of the pipe drain.  No issue what so ever.  My question has to do with the flow lever inside the well.  Is this flow lever for running the boat (with out leaving the livewell on) to get fresh water in or does it only work with the live well turned on?  Any reason why it shouldn't be always open all the way for max flow? 

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