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Headed West


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Awesome.  How are you liking the 25'?  Have you ran a 22 before? And is the 25 a whole other animal?  What sorts of numbers are you getting running out west like you've been doing? Sorry for all the questions.. Hoping to upgrade to a 25 hybrid at some point.  I have a 04 22T with tower if anyone wants to trade..

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I am loving the 25. Wish it had a 90 gallon, or even bigger tank!

I have not run the 22, but I did have a 20 Pathy. The next door neighbor has a 22 and the size difference between it and my 25 are night and day. 

Running with a full fishing load headed to the west in the “ocean” I’d say I am somewhere around 2.4-2.6mpg. If it’s flat calm and I can trim it out some I can manage 2.8mpg. On a regular backcountry trip I’m touching 3mpg. 

I am convinced that the tower with the front shade eats into my mpg more than I like. If I am running with the wind to my back the mileage very obviously increases. 

If your ever down this way let me know. More than welcome to come check it out and get out for a ride. 


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