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The New "Factory" Front Cushion Set?

Ron in Atlanta

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It may be time to move to a new boat, most likely the 22.

I bought the current V2000 Pathfinder with a set of cushions for the front casting deck. As MBC did not offer them, we had them made by a local canvas guy, Herzog Canvas. They look great and fit perfectly and still are in perfect shape. They were the rolled and pleated look with blue piping to match the factory leaning post seat and backrest...



Today, the leaning post seat and backrest are very different and my question is, what do the front cushions look like???

No one seems to have a picture, not the dealer, not the factory (well, not Ray anyway). What do they look like? Not just plain all white or off white - they would look like marshmallows.

Anyone have a photo of the new "factory" cushions??

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