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My fly swap instructions- EP minnow


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Here's my instructions for my fly in the fly swap.

I sent in different colors and minnow shapes, so this may not look exactly like yours.

EP minnow

Hook- Gama SC15 2/0

Thread- mono

Gills- Red ep fiber

Top/bottom- EP fiber(any color combo)


Start thread, and tie in a small piece of Red EP fiber for the gills.



Pull front section of red fiber back and tie down.



Take a small clump of the back color and tie on the top of the shank.



Pull the front section back and tie down. The part that you pull back needs to be trimmed even or just short of the other section.



Ok, this is where it gets tricky. Take a clump of white EP fiber and tie on the side of the hook shank, not the bottom.



Take the forward facing white fibers, and pull them under the hook shank and tie them down, rear facing on the other side. This can take a little practice to get use to. Cut off back fibers even with the front fibers.



Add EP sparkle now if you want.



Add a small drop of zap-a-gap on both sides, in the boxed in area, including the very edge of the fibers, Hold fiber in the desired place for a few seconds while the zap dries. This will hold the fibers where you want them.



Repeat the process, clump on top, clump on sides, 1 or 2 time up the hook shank, depending on what shape you want the fly to have in the end.

For the steep front(forehead)repeat 2 times, for a flatter head profile, like the one im making now, only do it once. As you move forward, use shorter clumps of fibers on top and bottom

. In these steps you are still tying the white on the sides, but when you zap it hold it at more angle down and back till it sets up. It's hard to explain, so check out the pic.



#10 Tie in the last clump of the top color, but don't pull the front half back yet.



With the front of the top section still facing forward, go ahead and tie in you last clump of white on the side.


#12 Just like before, pull the front end of the white under the hook shank and tie down on the other side.



Now pull that forward facing top clump back and tie down. Whip finish and zap-a-gap fibers into place.


Check out the angles of the white fibers.The zap-a-gap will hold the in this direction.



Add eyes and trim to shape.

I use solid plastic eyes, the kind with a stem. Cut off the stem and goop on. Enrico burns a socket in the sides, but I have found if you use a good amount of goop and press it on good to the shank area, it will hold just as well.


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That is a fly I look forward to getting. Great job. I guess I need to invest in some EP fibers, now.

I need a good mullet pattern. Last time I was at SSI, the reds were chasing 6" finger mullet. They wouldn't even think about hitting any clousers, spoons, shrimp, copper heads or anything else I had.

Anyone have a good mullet pattern?

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you want a mullet?

wait tell you see the finger mullet i have tied.

not 6" but a full 3".

just got off the water 1 big snook 2 big jacks 10-15# jumped 4 tarpon 1 tarpoon in boat about 80#s will see what photos look like and post later

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last night i tied up 2 of your flies using your instructions...i did not have all the materials so i used white ep fibers, and used stick on eyes and epoxied over them...

just got back from breakin my new 12 wt, yes broken new 12wt...i jumped the largest tarpon of my life on your fly instructions this morning, estimated 150lbs, and broke my brand new rod...

your fly instructions are awesome, and the tarpon liked it. thanks again!

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