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COSTA RICA recommendations


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I had my bachelor party in Jaco/Los Suenos last February and we chartered two boats from Jacovip. One was a 35' Cabo Express named Dream Raiser. The other was a similar boat but I can't remember the name. Between the two boats we caught 10 or so sailfish. A slower day amongst CR standards. The Imperial beer was cold and the food was great. The Spanish Fly boats are out of Los Suenos as well.

Below is a video from my Bach with lots of fishing scenes.

Awesome trip. My recommendations probably aren't of much help as La Hermosa is 3 hours away but it's worth checking out the YouTube.

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Doc...here's a flash from the past....

I used to fish about 2x's a month in the season with my friend Hank Marchman from Gerber....

We'd spend 3 days on the boat.....

Here's a short clip which I transferred from a Super 8....

Costa Rica 1992

I fished 7th in the National tourney....in that one back in 1991, we raised about 35 and landed 27 sailfish in 3 days.....


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