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My 217cc Now Has Autopilot!


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As of last month, I finally got around to installing autopilot on my 217. I hope this will be my last and final electronic gadget upgrade. Early last summer I added the Sirius-XM weather module to my Simrad setup, to go along with the dual NSS7 evo2s', 4G RADAR and now the RPU80 pump, along with the AC12 course computer. The autopilot is fully controlled using the integrated NSS7 evo2 interface.

My hope is that the autopilot will make my long distance offshore runs much less tedious. My fishing partner and I ran her out to the SW side of the Middle Grounds last year during Red Snapper season, out of Cedar Key. It was a 4 hours and 100 miles trip each way. It was a chore holding her in a straight line, and having to constantly course correct is a waste of precious fuel, not to mention exhausting.









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I like the duel screens as well. How is that 217 treating you? I had a 217 and miss it in some ways.

I love it! My 217 is by far, the boat I've ever owned. The ride is smooth, dry and quiet. This boat easily handles the typical Gulf 'slop' without any pounding at all! As you know, the photos do not do the 217 justice, it's a HUGE 21ft boat!

The fuel economy is excellent also. That 200 mile roundtrip to the Florida Middle Grounds last year only burned 70 gallons of gas, @26 mph and around 4500 RPMs'.

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