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December Fishing


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Fishing in December was great and with overall mild temperatures looks to continue into January.


Redfish have been tightly schooled up throughout all the tides but are easiest to find on the lows. Stealth is key when getting into range of these fish. If you do not have a push pole come in well up current of these fish and slowly drift down to them silently before staking out. They will generally bounce back and forth along a few hundred yards so if they are not within range immediately, wait. You will loose more opportunities trying to chase them than if you remain staked out waiting. These fish have been holding extremely close to the shoreline.

Downsizing artificial baits has been key, using a Ned rig or similar for a more passive presentation has helped. Fly fishing has also been very effective at targeting these fish. If using live bait throw well ahead of the school and let the bait sit on the bottom allowing the fish to casually find it.


Trout have been a good target with artificials on higher water along grass and oyster shore lines. They are still aggressive to hit most baits presented with either a straight crank retrieve or bounced on the bottom. On high tide cast right to the grass line and work the bait out just fast enough to keep from hanging up on the bottom.









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