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1996 Bonefisher Fuel Tank Replacement-Oil Reservoir

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Just purchased a 1996 Bonefisher 16'6" 85 Yamaha 2 stroke.  Classic Boat.  Plan on getting my 14 and 16 year old boys addicted.

  • I have a fuel leak in the original TNT 30 gal tank.  I suspect it's in a weld but have no idea.  Suggestions?  I believe it can not be removed through the bow hatch but I am not 100% sure of that.  Cutting off the bow cap doesn't sound like its in my budget.  But I will do what's necessary.  I have also been told a smaller 20 gal poly tank may fit through if I cut out the old tank.  I would be somewhat worried about the range on a 2 stroke motor at 20 gallons.  I would really appreciate the wisdom from the Forum.  You can insult me :)
  • I assume they built these boats where you mix the oil and gas in the primary tank, I looked high and low for an oil reservoir.
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congrats on your new boat! The old 85 Yamahas don't have oil injection I believe so you need to mix the oil and gas before you fill it into the fuel tank. I have to do that for my old Mercury as well. I typically pre-mix the fuel and oil into 5 gal jugs and then pour it into the fuel tank. You need to see what premix ratio yours calls for and mix it correctly. mine is 50:1 for example. 

As far as the fuel tank leak, you'll find a couple of different threads on here about tank replacement. Mine included. I was quoted $2k plus from reputable shops to do the job but ended up doing it myself and saving a LOT. Double check that it isn't just a leaking sender unit gasket or fuel hose. Im not sure it would be a crack at a weld, these tanks typically leak from pinholes caused by rust. 

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