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Forget The Castnet...


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...tie your own Pilchards.

Materials List

Hook: Tiemco 800S - size 6

Thread: Olive Flymaster+

Gills: Red Kinky Hair

Belly: White Steve Farrar Flash Blend

Midsection: Olive Steve Farrar Flash Blend

Wing: Olive EP 3D Fibers (very small amount)

Eyes: Dome eyes

Head: 5 Minute Epoxy (very small amount)










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I generally make a monthly trip up to Ole Florida in Boca for most of my stuff. If I need something in a pinch, I'll hit the Fly Shop in either Fort Lauderdale or Miami, depending on which I'm closer to on that day.

As to instructions, it's about the easiest fly I've ever tied. Just tie in the red kinky hair, then tie in a pinch of white Flash Blend, fold it over and secure, repeat with the olive Flash Blend, repeat with the Olive EP 3D. Whip finish, glue on the eyes (I like Fletch Tite a lot). Once the glue is dry, apply a little epoxy to fill in the gap between the eyes and a little over the eyes. That's it, unless you want to add a weedguard. You'll get one in the flyswap, so you'll see how simple they are.

I haven't had time to take photos of the other fly I tied for the swap (the Silly Wabbit), I'll probably get to it next week.

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Great i will have to check them out...

I used to go to what was the Biscayne Fly Shop..

I was told they are no longer there or changed names. I dunno..

I live in Pembroke Pines so south miami is a bit far...

Which do you recomend The Fly Shop in lauderdale of ole florida??

I have a ton of materials but need to restock on some stuff like craft fur, eyes, thread, and check out some of the new stuff out there...


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Biscayne Bay Fly Shop was bought out by the Fly Shop of Ft Lauderdale. It's still in the same place, and it's now called Fly Shop of Miami.

If you can get up to Ole Florida, it's worth the trip. Darrin is great to deal with, always a wealth of information. Very good inventory too.

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