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One thing I learned the hard way while shopping on e-bay is, what's in the picture is not always what they are selling...

Never underestimate the lack of knowledge people have.. when I bought my bonefisher the guy told me only did 40.... I looked at the 150 TRP(duel counter-rotating props),and went hhhmmm.. we'll see about that...

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Something just isn't adding up to me with this boat. Mostly the long range pic, (possibly) not knowing the make of boat, and the fact that it's been for sale for at least 12 days in Miami area according to CL ad. We're not talking Walla-Walla Washington where this isn't a popular boat, lots of folks in Miami like these...

The manufacturer of the boat is on the CG plate. Even if it's a Hewes it will say Maverick boat company, which really makes me believe somethings odd.

That said, I too have bought some stuff that people don't know the value and gotten good deals. If it were close, I'd prob look at it, which makes me surprised someone in So FL hasn't...I hope it ends up being a good deal for someone.

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Sure squats like a Hewes.

That back rest is what looks out of place for a Hewes unless MBC or current owner changed it out at one point.

All in all, think this is a scam as who owns a boat who is trying to sell and takes a FAR away pic of the boat?????


May be a perfectly legit deal but sure is strange,

then again, everything in Miami is strange.

Hey Dino and Don, how you guys doing do there? :laugh: ;)

Buyer BEWARE!!!

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Morning guys. Figured you would appreciate some more info on this boat. Purchased her last night. This is my first boat and am excited to be a part of the Hewes family. Can't wait to get her out on the water. She was used as a tender on a 61ft Viking for her first 10 years and the second owner didn't have much time to take her out on the water these last few years. Appears to have been well taken care of. Below are some photos.













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