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237 head upgrade

Bill G

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My 2018 Cobia 237 has the factory installed "Head, pump-out with deck fitting (with port window)"

I just noticed the factory now offers the additional option of an "electric head with macerator" 

Can this option be added to my boat? I'm thinking that this option might require a holding tank which would prevent me from doing the upgrade?


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I ended up installing an electric head with fresh water flush. My boat didn't have the factory fresh water system installed so I had to add that also. 

I installed two 5 Gal tanks side by side. The waste tank is on the port side. The pump out fitting and tank vent were installed on the port gunnel, aft. 

I brings a lot of comfort to guests just knowing its available if needed. 




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Great project, Bill ! 
The owners here are predominantly fishermen on skiffs.  Providing comfort so the whole family enjoys the boat is important. The Cobias have many family friendly features, and a toilet system makes it complete. Retrofitting the system isn’t easy, but you got it done right !!

Well Done ! and don’t be surprised if you get questions about the install.

Thank you, Sir !

Mod Marc

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