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Another day off.


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This is a Golden Trevally. Sight casted him in about a foot water with a small crab. What a great fight, thought I was gonna loose him. He got me around something and I could feel the line rubbing badly. Was so surprised it didn't break, only 10lb braid. Fight lasted about 20 drag screaming scary minutes. Tough rocky bottom and a nice jagged ledge to deal with, but I won.


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That's a cool looking fish.

Your lucky your not home. Rained half the day yesterday and now it's getting colder and blowin like crazy. The weather has been rotten for 2 weeks. }:(

That's an understatement!!!

Haven't been able to fish w/ pole or diving. Grrrr

Or should I say it's been so nasty as mentioned above that I don't wish to go fishing regardless of the means of retrieval.

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