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Anybody, anybody???


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Ever heard of this company?


Best prices on the net for major marine electronic packages.

Tried to pull up reviews on them but don't exist apparently which has me wondering about said companies reputation as being honest and straight forward and if they aren't just some 3rd world scam artist site. :confused:

They do show a phone number and physical address but that doesn't mean it's not a scam operation.

Have had nothing but bad experiences in the past with every company but one which is stationed out of NJ.

Getting ready to order all new electronics for the GW which will cost 1 arm and 2-1/2 legs and don't want any crap from these yooyoo companies out there regardless how enticing the prices are.

Buyer Beware.

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Didn't realize the site was Sooo new. Hmmm

Have to call the CC company on this one and find out where they would stand if it turns out this company is a scam org.

Not pulling the trigger until I have some answers first, (if at all) about this company and the protection my CC Co. will provide should the transaction go south.

Do have a request out to another "legit" company/marina asking if they will match such shown prices but the ok has to come from upper management.

We'll see how that goes.

Stay tuned......

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There is a guy on tht.com, semperfi fishing I think is his screename. He seems to have some.of the best prices around, I just ordered a new transducer for my Simrad and it came quick, he pulls a ton of business of tht. You can find him on the commervial cl***ifieds on the tht forum.

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Don't think Gil/Semperfifishing is a Simrad dealer.

Sells everything else to my knowledge.

Good guy, always seems to be willing to help anglers out with trouble shooting their electronic problems.

There's a member from the above mentioned other form that goes by ADDOR who is a marine electronics genius form across the seas.

Always helping others out with electronics TSing.

Man knows his stuff!!!

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SemperFi on THT, (I don't know the guy) seems always willing to help with questions/ ideas about electronics. Even when you are not buying from him. I just like his attitude AND he sure seems knowledgeable

That said, when I can buy from a local business - as long as price is close - I try to do so. That's just me :)

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Tried that Johnd, nobody wanted to price match.

Considering what this package is costing,

you would think a local dealer/reseller would want to play ball.


Their lose, not mine.

I know it sounds silly....but, I like WM for electronics purchases...

Not the best price in town, but, you buy the warranty, and NO questions asked when there is a problem.

I just bought a 741xs due to a problem with the EchoMap issue last month, they treated me fairly...anything goes wrong..take it back to the store just 5 miles from the house and I"m back on the water...

same with bilge pumps, etc.

I just had a problem with a Lenco item, bought from them, it did not work properly, I took it back, within 5 minutes I was out the door....

You get what you pay for sometimes...

Cameras' Only B&H or Adorama

Marine Electronics - WM

Marine electrical components - WM

Power Pole and TM - bought local from my friend Bob @ Inshore Marine Specialities as he's a dealer and helps with advice, etc. and I want to support him on this type of stuff.

All other stuff....Chemicals, expoxly,etc.....Boat Owners Warehouse or Amazon.com when I can get what I need.


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West Marine price matches as well. Has to be exact (color, model, everything)

No so true.

Will only price match with a certain few other companies last I heard.

One being their supply house.

Coastal Supply I believe, not exactly sure on that one.

Evades the memory.

And could have sworn management stated they were going to discontinue in future which was not to long ago.

Of course, since when did management ever know what is really going on. :confused:

Would have to call local store to verify current policy.

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West Marine price matches as well. Has to be exact (color, model, everything)

Last time I was at the wm in FLL, they said it has to be Brick and Mortar to do a match..



^^^ "That" statement was what evaded my memory as to what their future price matching policy was going to be at time of our conversation.

At the time of conversation, 6-8 months ago?

Had to be one of their (4) suppliers before matching,

and would soon be changing to local Brick & Mortar price match only.

I honestly don't see how they stay in business.

On line sales???

I dout that.

Every time I p*** by there the parking lot is DEAD.

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Just got off the phone with Simrad and it has been substantiated that CMS is indeed an indirect dealer of Navionic products.

Full factory warranty coverages, etc.

Straight from the horses mouth.

I will say that their package pricing beats anybody else's on the net, at least what I'm looking for.

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