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Winter Time Tactics

Josh B

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Well written Josh. I like that you provide tips and explain why. Makes sense that a shrimp or crab fly works better this time of year vs. a minnow pattern. I too love winter and gin clear waters to sight fish; even without wading can find bars and rocks and stuff to remember when the summer water clouds up.

Unfortunately this winter in our area we have a horrible algae bloom and there is no sight fishing at all.

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Nice article....I just can't get myself to wade....to many "things in the water that bump and bite :)

I just remember the words from Apacolypse Now....

Don't get out of the boat....Never get out of the boat !!!!


Stop being a sissy Dino,

Don't worry, they would spit you out the minute they got a taste of ya. ;)

Them fishy don't want some ole tough guy to chew on, well maybe the blues and sharks would.

But everything else, nah.

Well done Josh!

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Thanks everyone. I enjoyed writing it, may do another down the road when seasons change.

Great job! If you buy your buddy's T you could stay in the boat and fish. :content:

Rick, if I buy my buddy's HPX-T i would be living in it too. Just got married and already the wife has got me on a budget. :confused:

Josh B.

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Good article, Josh :thumbup:

I remember seeing these brilliant scientists wading near the mouth of Little Shark River a few years ago and one of them was in an ambulance on the way to the hospital due to a shark bite when I got back to the ramp. I also know a guy who was bitten pretty bad in Naples a few years ago. Never will you catch my azz wade fishing!

Disclaimer: Be careful what budget you agree to at the beginning of your marriage because very rarely does the allotted amount increase for things you'll want as the years go on!!

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