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96 RF 18 Restoration

96 Redfisher 18

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The work being done and things being added include:

Fixing all fibergl*** damage

Fixing all spidercracking, chips, blemishes, ect

Painting boat inside and out with AwlGrip

White inside, light yellow outside

Powder coating the polling platform and grab rail

New windshield and acrylics on console

New Taco Marine rub rail (white with stainless insert)

New LED nag lights that go in the rub rail

New GemLux friction hinges

New JBL gauge style stereo a 4 JL 7.7 speakers

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stringers or bulkheads cracked?

These are the first things you need to check and replace or fix before laying any gl*** anywhere else.

Once that's inspected/fixed, then you can start your other gl*** repairs.

Have to fix the skeleton first.

Those pics make me cringe. Shiver

Need to have mods move this to the Vintage section so it doesn't disappear.

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Well the restoration is still going. At a snails pace. I'm told it's because of a quality job. Getting slightly frustrated as I was told 4 weeks (I ***umed it'd be more) and we are on week 11. Anyway here are the most recent photos I was sent. The photo of the freshly powder coated platform won't preview, you have to click on it




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