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March Fishing


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If February was rain, March has been wind. Despite the repetitive fronts we are seeing temperatures rise and our fish now well into their spring routines.


Trout -  Still schooled up and locating moving water has been key. I am finding them both back on creek bends as well as along main rivers at marsh drains. Out going has produced a better bite. A popping cork rig or your favorite soft plastic on a jig head should be all you need. If you don't find quick success at a location, move on.


Redfish - The schools are breaking up but not traveling far. Where you once found one definitive school you now find packs of 2-5 fish patrolling the shorelines. That being said on lower water I am still seeing them concentrate back together in their typical winter locations.

On higher water I am focusing on docks, rocks, laydowns and small/deep marsh pockets then moving out to the flats around lower water. Cut bait and mud minnows on the bottom have been reliable for bait and a paddle tail on a 3/16th jig head good for artificials.

The key for me right now is to be mobile on higher water. Keep moving until you are finding fish that want to eat. On lower water treat the deeper depressions they congregate in the same as you did during the winter.


Fly Fishing - The fish can still be finicky but are becoming more aggressive overall. We can still have good sight fishing along the shorelines on lower water and are seeing fiddlers out and fish in the grass. 











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