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1965 Cobia G-17 Deep Vee

Larry D

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Hi, above pictures are of my 1965 (or maybe 67) Cobia G-17 Deep Vee which is, according to Greg Weston, evolved into the 17 Monte Carlo. We've had "Sea Ya!" since 1993 when we found her in northern Iowa without even a scratch on the keel!

Lately, I've spent several hours removing some fairly heavy oxidation and polishing of all the hardware. I've also learned the art of cockcombing, so the steering wheel was treated with 3 strand cockscombing and turks heads.

We really love this old boat. We use her mostly on area lakes in central Wisconsin and occationally on Lakes Michigan and Superior. She is very solid, easy to plane out and smooth.

I'm running an '84 70hp Evinrude that purs like a kitten!





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Hi, Guys. I'm a newbie here and have been looking at forums on floor/stringer replacements, esp. on Cobias. Just bought a 1968 17.5' with a 55hp Evinrude Triumph. Engine runs but won't stay going, fairly sure it's the carbs that need cleaning since everything else appears good. Everything on this boat is ORIGINAL, including the gel coat and engine paint. Definitely was a fresh water boat.

Anyway, floor and 3 stringers need replacement so I would appreciate any guidance you can provide as it looks like you've been there, done that. Will be starting in the next week or so, right now trying to plan approach and line up best materials for retrofit. Moneys tight but I intend to keep her a good while so want to do it right. Thanks in advance (and I hope I posted properly)!

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