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Prescription Sun Glasses Recommendation


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I am trying to buy prescription Sunglasses and was really disappointed at the non- warranty that Costa offered. I loved the old Costa warranty on non-prescription Sunglasses but I understand that warranty  has also changed and anyway I now need Rx glasses. For those of you who require Rx Glasses, who do you recommend?

Thanks in Advance





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Maui Jim.  I have progressives as well that I wear as everyday sunglasses.  They are pricey, but I think by far best lenses out there.  For fishing I just bought a pair of Maui Alelele Bridge with 2.0 readers in them.  They are fantastic.  The lightest glasses I have ever worn.  Keep them on all day and you barely know they are on your face.  Good protection and you cant see the readers from the outside.  I can tie knots and read my screens.  Cant fish without them anymore.



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I have a pair of Maui Jim progressives and love them.  But I also think I paid something like $800 for them.  It was a while ago. The last several pair of glasses I’ve bought were from Costco, polaroid progressives, and I really don’t think I can tell the difference for about a third the price or less. They don’t have the biggest selection of frames, but I’ve always found some that I like. 

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