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Yamaha 250 SHO tilt tube corroded


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Hey all, seems like there was a thread on this a while back but I can't seem to find it. My tilt tube is corroding at an alarming rate. Apparently the 2013 factory tube was made of a carbon/metal to save weight and cost, with the thinking from Yamaha that a VMAX would never see a saltwater environment.

I love the performance of this engine. this is the 5th Yamaha I've owned going back to 1989 (that engine is still running strong FYI), and

I have never seen a corrosion problem like this before on any of my other outboards, Yamaha or not. None of the tilt tubes were this fragile.

Now, the issue - Yamaha is refusing to officially acknowledge the problem and the dealers I've spoken to claim to be ignorant of it, yet I've found evidence on other forums. Yamaha has since changed the replacement part to a new metallurgy to address this, so they had to see it was becoming an issue.

It is now to the point of getting ready to freeze again and I will have to do something. I've been told that despite the replacement part being fairly inexpensive, the labor required to fix the issue absolutely will not be. This is a 2013 stored on a trailer in near perfect condition with under 300 hours and still under warranty.

I need to get this fixed asap. Has anyone here had any luck working with Yamaha or a dealer to get a resolution to this problem? Thanks.


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Had the same problem with my 2013 SHO. My dealer (Ingman Marine) 941-697-1000 fixed and replace mine under warranty. Mine got so bad that it bent the steering-arm that connects the motor to the steering ram. I guess the tilt tube was frozen with corrosion and the trim motor just kept pushing the motor up, so something had to give. Haven't had any problems since that time. I guess they replaced it with the newer part. Ingman has dealerships in North Port, Sarasota and Placida. Your motor should still be under warranty, right?

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I’ve got the dreaded tilt tube rust and it won’t allow the steering to pivot. It’s a 2011 engine. I’ve taken it in to get looked at and I’ve been quoted over 2k to pull powerhead and lower unit, change steering arm and replace tilt tube. My question is can the tilt tube just be replaced since my steering arm only had a slight bend when trimmed all the way up. It looks perfect and functions fine when trimmed halfway down or lower. Can this work be done without pulling the powerhead? I would assume the motor would be pulled off jack plate though

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You have to pull power head to get to the upper motor mounts and replace tiller.

I would not run mine if it bent like that. You see the rust on the tiller about an inch behind the steering cylinder bolt.

The paint came off there because it has been bending there every time you trimmed the motor. Every time it bends it gets weaker.

Accident waiting to happen it needs to be replaced.

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