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04 2200 TE Battery Placement


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Hi all,

About to upgrade to a 36v Ipilot from an older 24v Minnkota. Currently I have one house, and the two TM batteries under the console. Granted it is a slightly smaller console due to it being a TE. My thoughts are to move my 3 trolling motor batteries and install a 3 bank charger in the front storage hatch towards the aft in the center. Secure them with battery trays and all so that they ride relatively smooth up there. I then plan to install a second house battery with a switch to my first and re-center the batteries under the console. 


What would be the downside of putting the three batteries in the front hatch? I am primarily inshore/jetties in Georgia never plan to run offshore so they shouldn't take too much of a crazy beating in either spot. The front hatch wouldn't be directly at the center of gravity but it isn't too far off. Powered with a 04 200 Vmax.


Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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believe it or not I  have 5 batteries under my 04 22TE. 4 group 31 and a smaller cranker

the trick is to stack them snd rotate them. you can get one horizontal in front left and one next to it at 90 degrees. make an open box style support and repeat on top.

the small cranker sits by itself infront of them. 


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