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MIA Boat Show- Get Ready To Walk and Wait


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Just got back from the MIA boat show...

Nice display by MHP and Cobia.

Brought a buddy to look at Pathy's; however, I was not impressed with the overall show set up.

In my opinion, the show program is difficult to understand and the show is very long and linear.

I parked at the AA Arena and you can take a bus, or the water taxi from the Bayside arena...

Either way, the waits were long....plan on at least 1 1/4 hours, from the time you hit the parking lot to the time you get to the show.

Go on the show site and you can buy and reserve your spot in advance..i arrived at 1100 and we were at the show by 1210.

Return was at 230 pm (my friends had to catch a plane), but, we found the return was very quick - about 30 min.

The set up is has numerous tents with Engine, Sport fishing, boats, etc. on the main show grounds...

It's a very beautiful dock in water setup, with lots of great eye candy on the yachts...and larger boats.

You can take water taxi's or the bus...no parking at the show and the traffic was thick, and this was a friday.

Overall, I'd rate it a "C +". I like the FLL show better.

The normal $6 lemonades and $14 bloody marys, $8 hot dogs will get at you a bit....but, overall, it was a nice day.

Bring your walking shoes and be patient and you'll enjoy the show.


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A few friends and I went on Friday as well and had a good experience. We had prepaid parking at lot B on Virginia Key. We arrived to the parking lot about 10am and it took maybe 5 to 10 minutes until we got to the show. I found it nice to have more in one single location this year as far as the indoor show and the slips in the water. When leaving it took a bit longer(4pm) but the busses fit a lot of people so between the wait and ride back to parking I'd say about 25 minutes. Overall we had a lot of fun and got to see pretty much everything aside from the big yachts over off of Collins and we figured out we missed a tent over near the restaurant on the point.

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I went Saturday, parking woes mostly with the Shuttles. Too many people arriving at the same time and not enough shuttles first thing in the morning. Leaving wasn't bad. But there was a nice sand castle in Lot B to look at...



The layout takes a bit getting used to and not everything was labeled well. It was nice to have the on the water boats available for a ride instead of having to travel to see them. They need to make the docks wider, I can't believe no one fell in the water!

I don't know if I missed them or couldn't find them, but it appears there were no fishing lectures and no Big Game area like at the convention center. I missed that aspect of the show.

The MBC display was great with some really sharp looking boats. Here are a few shots from the new Cobia 261...


Skip is there making sure everything is in order.










Really nice boat, just a bit smaller than the 277 with the same general layout.

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