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2003 21 MA with 2011 250 SHO


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Just bought a 2003 21 MA with a 250 sho. Motor has just over 800 hrs. I have noticed a couple things.

-My water pressure gauge on command link is always at the top(20 psi).

-motor does not pee all the time , and the water that comes out is pretty hot, not warm, hot. Is this normal for these engines? Oil pressure and water temp are right in the middle.

Thinking of strating with impeller kit and maybe the thermostats as well. do these motors have a poppet valve?

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No Poppet. 

Do both thermostats and the water pump. The water pressure on the command link comes from a sensor in the lower center rear of the motor. They go bad. I have changed mine twice and have about the same hours.  Mine starts to pee very soon after starting and never stops while it is running. If your motor has the optional speed sensor it is the same sensor, good for testing. These 4.2 SHOs are low pressure and high volume. I suspect your WP sensor is bad if it is always at the top. Mine has never been more than half way on my command link. Good thing is these SHOs have a temp limp mode and if working will alarm and drop to under 2000 rpm when overheating.

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