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Should bilge float switch engage when batteries turned off?


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The bilge pumps should be wired so that they are always on and not connected to the switch. I would make sure that this is the case so that you can turn off the switch power to the boat but still have the bilge pump(s) on.

If you have more than one, perhaps one is on 24/7 and the second isn't. I don't have a 2 bilge pump system, so I don't really know, just guessing.

Good luck.

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If you can, I would...

1) shut off all the switch(es) power to the boat

2) put in the plug(tighten it closed)

3) fill the bilge with water until you see both bilge switches floating to the 'on' position

4) see what happens

Hopefully, one of the pumps will kick on. That way you know that you always have one working 24/7 for rain, etc. when at anchor or docked. It makes sense that one would kick on(power always on) when power switch is off since the second pump, really, is back up.

Before you try this, use the bilge switch to make sure that both are working properly(listen for the buzz).

Good luck!

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Had the batteries off, turned them on and it immediatly the bilge came on and ran for a few minutes.. (lot's of rain last week) Not a problem when on the lift but wondering if they're suppose to be wired that way. When in the keys boat will be docked not on a lift..

Yes, it should always be able to run off the house battery when the switch is off.

It has 3 wires for this reason....


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Yeah, I thought that was NOP, i'll call the dealer this week.. Just didn't want to have to take it all the way down there as i just had it in for the 20hr service.

Owners manual confirms "The automatic float switch is wired to the hot side of the battery switch through the “BILGE†fuse at the battery switch panel. When functioning properly, the float switch activates the bilge pump to pump water overboard once water in the bilge reaches a level that submerges the switch."

Yes, i even looked in the manual..

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