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Yamaha F 300 on 23DV


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I have that combo. Have seen a bunch of repowers to the F300. There is a perfect balance with the weight.

I have the 110 gal fuel tank, and usually run light.

I run the Yamaha SWS-II 19 pitch 3 blade prop with the SDS hub.

Best WOT was 55mph, trimmed out, at 6000 rpm with 93 Octane. I lose two mph with 90, and three mph with 89 octane..

I wrote down the numbers a couple years back. This was light fuel,2 men,snokeling gear only. Light chop and no wind.. Optimal conditions

3200 is 27 MPH at 4.0 mpg Best cruise

3500 is 30 MPH at 3.7 mpg

4000 is 35 MPH at 3.1 mpg

5000 is 45 MPH at 2.5 mpg

Dunno what I burn at WOT. Can't look down at the little numbers.

I ran a 21 pitch SWS-II but could not spin it up past 5500. Numbers were square, but I didn't want to lug the motor..

It is a great choice for repower. I don't know the price difference in the 250's. The motors are the same, just the ECU is different.. I had an F250 on a previous DV and it performed very well and didn't burn much more gas..


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