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Funkey Monkey still here?


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You gals'n'guys are sooooooooooooooooo nice!!!!:) Thank you VERY much for lookin' for me, lookin' OUT for me, and findin' me wherever I am!!!?!?! hehehehehehheheeh Y'all ROCK!!!!!

And, it was a pleasure speaking with you and your buds, Butta!!! What a deeeelightful surprise!!! I, now, have several faces to put with several names, as even ol' Seldom Seen Benny Blanco stopped by the booth for a visit!!?!!?!?! :o :content:

We just got back at 8:30 last night and have been steppin'n'fetchin' alllll mornin'. Heck, the boys did a great job while we were gone and Jared even fended off abdominal pains to hold the fort in our absence. He finally left at 4, yesterday, went to the doc, and it's appendicitis!!!! Holy SMOKES what a guy!!!! Workin' yesterday, surgery today!!?!?!?! I LOVE my team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As for helpin' ya, Fin, I'd be deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelighted, m'friend, and yes, sir, the monkey plans to keep swingin' around here for years to come,...good Lord willin'n'the creek don't rise!!!

If you would, please, Fin, since I'm COMPLETELY behind after workin' the show, give me a day, or so, to get a few battles won, and I'll be yours for the chattin'. Sound good? :)

Thank you, again, gang!!!!!!!!! :content:


One Half of the Hydrodynamic Duo :cool:

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