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Any info would be awesome


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I recently purchased this boat and I'm guessing it is a cobia sportster 19ft. Was told its a 1991 and it has been converted from inboard to outboard with engine plate claiming its a 1995 88 special evinrude however seller swears its a 115 evinrude. Its my first boat and any info or thoughts would help so thanks in advance! 

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Congratulations on your first boat.. !

Boating is a combination of pleasure and work. The trick is to keep the boat in top shape so there is more pleasure than work !!

Cobia boats were purchased from Yamaha in 2004-2005.  We did not get the library of data from past years.  We cannot tell you anything helpful about your boat.  However, we have a good many members who were boating back then and may be able to help.

It sounds like you have a boat that has been used and improved upon, and upgraded. 
I would take the boat out and stay close to the ramp until you make sure all the systems are safe, work properly and don’t leak.. Figure out what year and model the engine really is so you can buy the right parts to maintain and repair it.. 

Enjoy the boat !!


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