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Battery Switch


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Hey all. Went to run the motor and after it cranked up and ran for a few sec, it died. Now the Suzuki gauge is giving me the “low voltage” error. So, figured it was a bad battery (even though it’s always connected to my onboard noco charger) and switched to battery 2. Same thing, “low voltage”. What are the odds it’s 2 dead batteries?? Bought a new switch after reading the contacts could be corroded, preventing proper amps getting to the starter. We’ll see what that does. Here’s some pics of the old switch. It’s Deff corroded. Assuming it’s the same inside of it too. Anyone else ever have this issue? 




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Welcome to salt water . If it’s metal spray corrosion X on it after it’s clean and free of corrosion . I try to keep everything metal on my boat and trailer protected with some kind of spray . Anything you use is better than nothing at all . That corrosion with travel into the wire so clean it and if necessary trim the wire ends until everything looks new . It’s like when a classic car body starts to rust you must eliminate all the rust to stop it . If not your just slowing it down for a limited amount of time . 

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Well, installed new switch. It’s like I have brand new batteries now! Fixed everything right up. Also, one of the battery cables terminal just fell right off when I disconnected it. Cut it back, luckily wasn’t rotted. Put a new terminal on too. So glad I don’t have to get into the console to replace 2/4 batteries! Threw some dielectric grease on there too.49037A28-327E-41DF-803F-249A73F279C4.thumb.jpeg.0d13dd216cbf4ee7982d1906e672b581.jpeg


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