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Radar on 2600 TRS Second Station


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I have a 2600 TRS on order with a second station and debating adding the Simard Halo radar.   Boat will be docked well inshore so I’ll have an hour run in the dark to get to the inlet at a decent time.  Has anyone added a radar to a second station pathfinder/have photos you could share? I’m a little concerned it will look really strange with a mount to raise the height above the second station backrest   I’d would love to have the radar though not typical for a bay boat but don’t want it to look off either

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I have a used radar that I have been thinking about mounting on my soft top stand thru t top with second station. As stated you cannot use second station while Radar is on. Seen many bays with radar. Look up action welding has one I like. Do not need a arch. Can be built onto the upper back rest. If you have a hard top mount directly to that with a mount ht just above backrest. Been doing a lot of research on this. Good luck.

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15 hours ago, MidnightBlue2600TRS said:

I’ve got Simrad on mine:



Sweet looking sled. Question, does the backrest and sidebars slide forward. Looks far back from the seat cushion in the photo. Also appears the rod holder cannot be used due to radar dome. Love to see closer photos.

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