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I finally did it...


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Comments are on point. I have broken prob a dozen of them and a few knuckles with them. The Blades are a little trickier but as mentioned, a little silicone helps a bunch on it going and the new one coming in. If any spike is left some big vice grips and a dead blow hammer will move it right out.

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The new pin has a coating on it that the original did not, so I believe the splinter issue like the old one might not be an issue.  If it is I will cover it in shrink wrap like I did the old one.


 I got the old pin out, but the plastic sleeve was a bit more of a task.  After progressively larger drills to 15/16" I was able to get it out.  Drove in the new pin and I am ready to go.  All in all it was just over an hour to get it changed out.

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