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1977 Cobia 18 VBR i/o OMC


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Powered by a 3.8l (229 cubic inch) Chev 2bbl (hope to upgrade to a 4bbl if I can find one for reasonable $ this winter) and 800 Series OMC Stringer drive that I pulled out of a 1983 Tempest.

Here are a few pics I took on our holidays.

I would love to add a full width platform, making it tip up in the center to allow for the drive to come up while trailering.

We have had a great time with this boat and due to it being a 77 and powered by OMC I do not see being able to sell it for much so I figure on having it for sometime to come.

Fine with me.

We would love something newer/nicer but considering I have a total of approx 2500-3000 in it we are doing well. I just bought ($100) a donor boat and will strip it so I have spares for all driveline,trim and steering :-)





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SOOOOOO I haven't been around in quite awhile and figured I would update my picture album with a few pics from my rework this past winter. I am planning on adding/modifying a bunch again this winter. I had to rush through a bunch of the work since I started much later than I hoped. So I will be adding a few ideas and refining things in a few areas.

I did upgrade to a 4bbl and aluminum intake I picked up 2 seasons ago now. Trimmed out spinning 4475 we are hitting 45.3 mph which I am quite happy with. Don't mind my hacked up prop in the one pick. The picture was taken just after our week of holidays playing on the Trent waterway. I made a little oops while ooogling boats in Bobcaygeon. DOH!!

This season started late due to the rebuild and considering the awesome spring weather that sorta stunk. Considering we hit the water the 1st time July 1st and haven't been out since Sept 2 and put on 87 hrs I think we did ok.

BTW is my Cobia logo authentic looking. It was on the boat when I bought it and I love the look of it. I have repainted sections and always worked around it to preserve it but the hull is getting a 100% repaint this winter and I would like to reapply this logo.I was going to have someone duplicate it if necessary but if I can just buy the logo or something I am good with that.









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Thanks .

I love the look of the swim platform too. I have had it a few years now but needed to come up with a firm idea of how to work around the drive. I had a number of ideas but the hinged panel is the one I thought looks the best.

I salvaged it off one of the boats I brought to scrap. It's great when something you really have zero or negative dollars in can be used. Too bad it had numerous holes I couldn't utilize as well as numerous places I had to add holes for mounting.

hmmm just noticed you can't see my hinged section for the drive to tilt up from this picture.

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