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Talon Install on a RF18


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I'll try to make this short. It's a two man job unless you have lots of extra machine equipment like hoists,etc.

I like the quality of the Talon as well as the accessories EXCEPT---the 4 5/16 3.5" SS bolts for mounting the bracket are a joke!!

I mounted my Talon on the starboard side to avoid having to penetrate the release well on the port side of my RF18.To get an accurate drilling pattern you have to make a template. The mounting bracket does not give you enough room to accurately mark the holes for drilling.

The big SURPRISE; the depth required is at least 10.5 inches.Ever try to find a 5/16 SS bolts as long as 10.5 inches??

I made the 4 bolts out of 5/16 SS all thread.It was obvious that this would require a backing plate because the final p*** through a fibergl*** compartment and not solid structure. So I had to make backing plates out of aluminum stock. How much would it have cost Minnkota to provide a decent backing plate rather then 5/16' fender washers??

Well it;\'s finally mounted and just have to finish up the wiring but the surprises I encountered could have been easily avoided if they had provided the proper length mounting bolts and adequate backing plates.

I must say this---It's quick to deploy and SILENT!!

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