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Prop chatter

Michael Smith

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What prop are you running ?

Prop Chatter is usually caused by a prop with an insert to fit various outboard brands.. There are several, but the Flo-torq II inserts have been the more common ones.

If you don’t have a prop with a ‘hard plastic’ insert, a heavy stainless prop can sorta bounce in the gears as the cylinders fire at low rpms, making the rattle sounds.

To solve the chatter, you can purchase a Yamaha SDS prop, get a Flo-Torq IV hub with cushions, or go to a suitable aluminum prop.  Until then, just bump up the throttle till the chatter stops.. unless you are docking or moving around other boats..


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As Mod Mark said, if you have the changeable insert/sleeve, you can change those out with a cushion type. I had chatter on one my my Mercury props that annoyed the heck out of me in no wake zones. I went to the below listed hub a few years back and it eliminated my problem. Outside of that, I love the design and built in forgiveness of this particular hub set up. If it's an option for you, I highly recommend them. 

RBX (RUBEX Hub Kit) (solaspropellers.com)


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