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Cobia 240CC vs Robalo 242


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Wife and I are looking at getting a boat that we can use to take friends out occasionally, I can fish off of with my son, and we can tow with. The boat will be used in SoCal, predominantly San Diego Bay and Mission Bay. Occasionally, Oceanside or making the run from Long Beach to Catalina.


We've pretty much narrowed our search down to the Robalo R242/242EX and the Cobia 240CC.   I understand that this is a Cobia forum so I'd love to get owner feedback.   Do you like your boat?

Any issues with the 240CC?

Would you buy another Cobia?

If not Cobia what other manufacturer would you pick at the same price point?


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in days of old, Robalo was a brand for offshore boats many of us dreamed about.  Today they seem much more a 'value' boat.  Mid tier.   

And in days of old Cobia was, well a "low priced" to be nice.  Today every one I have been on is well made, I would put in the upper mid tier.

might come down to the layout and amenities, but if both work for you, personally I would buy todays Cobia vs. todays Robalo.  Others might have different views. 

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  I don't think you could go wrong with either one, just comes down to layout as John stated. Robalo has really stepped up their game and are turning out some really nice boats with really nice creature comforts. Compare warranties and the reliability of the dealerships so you know if you have any issue, which ALL boats have, you feel comfortable dealing with them. Good Luck!

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